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Move & Melt With GoNoodle

Join Move & Melt with GoNoodle on Saturday, March 27th at 3pm CT / 1pm PT / 4pm ET! This live, online, 45-minute family yoga class will be led by instructors from Pretzel Kids, former school teachers who create structured curriculum-based yoga classes!

And, of course, it’ll be all GoNoodley, with family dance breaks built in using GoNoodle classics and new hits. Perfect for kiddos alone or your whole family (all ages are welcome). Sign up now to refresh your bodies and minds - and create joy and good energy - as a family! #GoNoodle #Yoga #Movement #Mindfulness

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GoNoodle Games Party Pack

The GoNoodle Games Party Pack includes two new mini-games, Rad Chad’s Backyard Scramble and Van Go’s Paint Like A Pro, that can be obtained with a one time in-app purchase of $4.99. Once the pack has been purchased you will receive access to unlocking Party Mode, which allows you to be brought to random levels, in a random order, from all seven of the GoNoodle Games mini-games. The Party Pack will also include a power-up for each of the seven games. These will be shown as an icon on the splash screen of each game, so you know that you have unlocked a power-up. You can use power-ups to protect you from danger or earn bonus points. 

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¡Vamos! GoNoodle

¡Vamos! GoNoodle aims to elevate and celebrate the multicultural world our kids live in today. It features both bilingual and Spanish-language content - remakes of most popular videos and exciting, new videos including our musical group, Enmoción. Emerging from a commitment to inclusivity and creating culturally-relevant content that benefits physical wellness, academic success, and social-emotional health. ¡Vamos! GoNoodle gives Latino kids —and every kid—a new GoNoodle offering to enjoy. 

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Check out Good Energy for Grownups for fun, family activities, and blog posts to connect, get moving, and have fun with the kids in your life – no matter your mood. GoNoodle is on a mission to lead the charge in movement, mindfulness, and all-around awesomeness. Add to your fun by signing-up for the GoNoodle Family Club for exclusive sneak peeks, special offers from our partners, and so much more!

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Are you and your family HUGE GoNoodle fans? If you love early bird specials, special discount codes, or exclusive access to new downloadables, sign up to join the GoNoodle Family Club today! Don't miss out on our upcoming promotions - they're offers the whole family will be crazy about!

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Listen to GoNoodle Tunes

Meet GoNoodle Records! You can go to all major audio streaming platforms and find some of your new and old GoNoodle favorites by doing a text or voice search for “GoNoodle Music.”

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